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What a long, but absolutely amazing day I just had! Nearly twelve hours on my feet but it was worth every second!

Getting fit with the Fit Factory Fitness team in Bootcamp!

Today was Day 1 of the Toronto Fitness Challenge 2014! I’m honored to be an ambassador for this event, so for the last two months I’ve been promoting it as much as I could. Fit Factory Fitness and Sweat Equity Lifestyle Media Group joined forces to put together this event, full of workout classes, speakers, workshops, vendors and so much moreall in support of Sick Kids Hospital! Being a past patient at Sick Kids Hospital, I’m a huge supporter in any Sick Kids fundraisers, and try to give all I can to that hospital who fight everyday to save kids’ lives.

My volunteer role today was assisting the stage manager/host, Jillian, in between the eight continuous workout classes. She was a blast and one of the sweetest people I have ever met! We had an awesome time together. 🙂 I even had the chance to participate in some of the classes!

I was on the floor sweating during the Fit Factory Fitness Boot Camp, hosted by Tony Austin, a former U.S. Marine Corps Drill Sargent. He definitely knows how to make you sweat– he pushed you until your very last breath! I also did Tommy Europe’s SHREDTM Abs & Butt class. I know now why he’s an award-winning fitness coach. Let’s just say after today, I can’t walk. At all. (BUT I LOVE THE BURN!). Other classes today included Jock Yoga, Zumba, and Insanity, amongst others. Everyone who participated was so full of energy and really wanted to #sweat4sickkids.

Me, Jillian, and her sister Hilary showing off our guns!

Had the chance to meet Tommy Europe, Justine Munro, Trish Stratus, and Lyzabeth Lopez

The TFC was one part of the Toronto Pro SuperShow, Canada’s largest health and fitness exposition. So not only did I get to participate in and help out with the TFC, but I had the chance to experience other fitness-related events! There were over 150 booths of the latest sports equipment, apparel and nutrition to visit. I got many free samples. 😉 There were also sporting competitions going on, from Crossfit to boxing to powerlifting, and many industry celebrities were there taking photos and signing autographs. I got the chance to not only learn about new supplement companies (which will be helping me out in the gym), but I had the honor of meeting many fitness personalities, some of which I knew before this event, like Lyzabeth Lopez and Trish Stratus! I hope to be as successful as them someday!

I also had the opportunity to watch an IFBB Pro Bodybuilding competition, Fitness, Figure and Physique Competitions, and an Inside Fitness Model Search! Because I’m extremely into fitness and follow many fitness personalities and events, I had prior knowledge on IFBB competitions, but seeing it up close was so much cooler than on Instagram! I even got to see my past yoga instructor and IFBB Pro, Belinda Kiriakou (who made first call-outs today!). My goal in the near future is to be on that stage. Who knows- maybe I’ll be an IFBB Pro someday (watch out world!).

Fitness is a huge part of my life- it’s my passion. Not only was this event so fulfilling because I was helping out with an incredible cause, but I had a personal interest in everything that was going on around me. I am striving towards a future in fitness and nutrition and it is definitely a path that I see myself going far in. To me, living life is being healthy and happy– and fitness gives me that, and so, so much more.

Thanking Tony Austin and Fit Factory Fitness

I’d like to thank Ivan Ho, co-founder of Fit Factory Fitness for giving me the amazing opportunity to be an ambassador for the TFC 2014 and helping me in preparation for the event. Thanks to Jillian for being such an awesome work partner, all the TFC volunteers who I worked with, the fitness instructors who made us sweat like crazy, everyone at Fit Factory Fitness and Sweat Equity Lifestyle, and all the sponsors and participants who made this event possible.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Odeta

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