During the pageant week, the delegates have a chance to showcase our talents. The talent show is on August 9th! What I am performing is a surprise, but I’ll tell you a little spoiler. It Factor dance academy and I have been working on a ballroom performance. That’s all I am going to say. But, let me tell you a little bit about my dance partner, Colin Petierre



Colin Petierre’s birthday is February 20,1999 born in Toronto. He lives in the beautiful city of Mississauga, Ontario. Colin is the oldest of 4 children. He has a brother & 2 sisters that all adore him and family is very important to Colin. Colin’s love for performing was sparked from the tender age of 5yrs old while taking Hip Hop classes at his school. By the age of 7yrs old – Colin started training competitively at his parents dance studio The it Factor Academy in Latin & Ballroom. At 8yrs old he was casted for dancing Hip Hop for the Toronto Raptors on the Jr Dance Pak for 3 yrs! Colin continued on to become the Toronto Raptors Kid reporter getting to interview some of the top Basketball players for Toronto. In 2012, Colin was casted as “Bobby” for the hit kids series Dino Dan Treks Adventures & in 2013 he was casted as “Josh”on Family Channels: The Next Step & Movie American Girl “Isabelle” 2015: He currently plays “Sasha” on the upcoming exciting show Backstage which follows a group of talented students striving to follow there dreams and make it big. Colin also loves to sing and can be heard  as one of the singers for Classified’s #1 hit “Inner Ninja” and also for Rap artist Son Real.  Colin also was casted as one of Avril Lavigne’s dancers for the Much Music Video Awards. Colin is a Competitive Latin & Ballroom dancer & Competitive Hip Hop dancer . He still trains at The it Factor Academy in Mississauga & is currently in the dance program at Cawthra School of the Arts.

Can’t wait to perform in 12 days!


-Neha  ❤


Written by: Neha

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