Did you know that over 50% of Canadian girls wish they were someone else?

I have chosen Body Image as my platform for the Miss Teenage Canada competition.

Society puts a huge strain on men and women about the perfect, or ideal, body or body image. The dictionary definition of perfect is: “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” But do you know what I think perfect means? “Human” Teenagers these days no longer feel that they have the freedom to explore who they are without being judged. Society and media emphasizes their concept of the perfect body. Ads for everything, from makeup and hair products to clothing and footwear, send messages that people need to look a certain way to be happy. It’s hard not to be influenced by that. I know being satisfied with appearance isn’t always easy. I have experienced feeling awkward when people approached me and asked what I was wearing on my ears. Over the years I have been comfortable with who I am, being hearing impaired has not stopped me from doing what I want to do. I feel that my comfort level with my disability has helped people around me to be comfortable or even inspired by me. It is not easy to get to this level of comfort but it can be achieved with education, communication, and self-appreciation. I want to empower teenagers to feel comfortable in their own skin. That comfort and confidence brings beauty that no one can take away.

My message:  Be your own kind of beautiful  ❤

If I am crowned as Miss Teenage Canada I would do a couple of things to promote my platform:

  • Events: I would do events like hosting youth groups, or conferences to come together and share how we feel. A couple of activities would be sharing what you feel self-conscious about, writing 10 things you love about yourself, etc. I would stress the fact that looking at the negatives is pointless because everyone is unique, and that is what makes you beautiful. “Be your own kind of beautiful.” I would also put health classes with nutritionists to educate teenagers about healthy eating. It is important to feed your body proper nutrients! Another challenge I would give the participants, is to not look in the mirror for one week. This teaches people to stop caring about what they look like. I had this experience in Ecuador where there was no electricity and we were out the whole day working. By the time we go back to our lodge it was too dark to see ourselves. I learnt to stop worrying about my appearance and just went out and had fun!
  • Fund-raise: To raise money I would host gala’s, the Art Face-Off (hosted it this year in my school), etc. I would try to host events where I could get youth’s to showcase their talents. Being confident is also a very crucial tool you need in order to love yourself. You have to put yourself out there and enjoy the moments! 
  • Charity: The charity I would donate the money raised would be BODY Charity. “BODY is a national charitable organisation that actively celebrates individuality and strives to cure those with Body disorders. We believe in ‘Being One Distinguished You’ because we are ALL unique and we are ALL beautiful.” This charity has the same message that I am trying to promote. It is important to love ourselves for our uniqueness and to embrace it. 

Being able to use my crown and title for a good cause would mean the world to me. Body Image issues is something teenagers struggle with due to the pressure of social media. With the popularity of social media increasing everyday, it gets hard not to get caught up in the beauty of photo-shopped images. It is important that we stay true to who we are and shine from within.


Love you all,

-Neha ❤

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