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During my March Break I went to Mexico, which is a country full of culture, fashion, wildlife, music, and food. The Gulf of Mexico is a popular tourist destination for many, particularly Cancun and Riviera Maya. It is famous for its beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles. Ancient ruins such as Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial era buildings and towns. However, this huge country has many surprises, particularly in ecology and fashion.

During my stay at Eco-Bahia, Riviera Maya I was able to witness and see one of the largest ecological preservation sites and one of the largest coral reefs in the world. For more than 10 years, the Bahia Principe Ecological Foundation (Eco Bahia) has been carrying out the program to protect and conserve sea turtles at a place recognized nationally as the most important beach in Caguama turtle nesting. The small 1.5 coastline that has been dedicate to these turtles can house more than 1,000 sea turtle nests each year, of the Caguama and Blanca species, both of which are listed as endangered, which is why it is essential to work now on actions that allow these emblematic species of great biological value to remain with us for future generations. In order to maintain a clean and safe environment for many of these marine and tropical species part of the Yucatan jungles, they perform reverse osmosis as a way to clean the Mexican coastal line from thousands of tourists that come each year to see this magnificent country. There are also many more numerous ecological parks in Mexico that the whole family can enjoy and create life time memories and are truly magnificent, as Xel-Ha and Xcaret.

Eco-Bahia, Turtle Preservation Site

Eco-Bahia Principe, Riviera Maya

Ecological Park, XELHA

Besides many cultural activities Mexico has to offer, it truly has one of the best Spanish, Mexican, and Colombian fashion stores that provide high quality outfits and swimsuits that are both unique and fashionable. Here is a list of some of the stores that I found where particularly great and what I liked about them:

Santa Lupita 

This brand has a lot to offer, it is one of those chic fashion stores that is both trendy and doesn’t support large production lines. Instead it supports artisan women and gives them the opportunity to sustain themselves. Many of these women in the past years have turned their backs on this career path, because it takes a lot of time to craft such beautiful items, from dyeing the fibres using natural colors to hand stitching and weaving each piece. However, this brand is trying to promote and market the traditional designs of Mexico throughout the world, since handcrafted fashion and such traditions are at a risk of fading away and being integrated into a corporate global system.

Pineda Covalin

If you don’t already know this brand then you should see what it has in store, since it’s one of Mexico’s most well-know fashion brands that is also exports internationally; it has stores throughout the United States, South America, and even Lebanon. The brands main focus is to promote traditional clothing and designs of Latin America throughout he world. It works in partnership with various local artists, craftspeople, and institutions in South America, but primarily with Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. It is one of those brands, as Desigual that loves bold colours, shapes, and patterns. However, I like this store particularly because of its philosophy; it believes that it should always give something back to various traditional and nomad communities through South America. It also works with and it supports various charities, particularly Save the Children and We Free the Children.

Llena eres de Garcia

I decided to include this brand on my list, since a lot of the girls at the pageant asked me where I bought my swimsuit for the pageant. This store, I believe has one of the best designs for swimsuits. Although it’s a Mexican brand, all the swimsuits are handmade in Columbia and some are also designed there. Even though, many of the swimsuits have intricate hand beaded designs they dry incredibly easy. I have two of there swimsuits for the past 4 years and from personal experience I can garments that they are done very well, since the colour hasn’t faded and the beads have never broken. As well, there are not as expensive as other swimsuit brands, and considering their quality and that they are hand made it is truly a great bargain.

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