Day 1 of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant was a blast! I was so excited to meet all the gorgeous girls that I’ll be spending my week with, and learning about our upcoming events!

Selfie with Kyla!

When I first arrived, I was taken up to my room, where my roommate was waiting for me! Kyla, Miss Teenage Northern British Columbia, is such a sweet and beautiful girl! After unpacking, we got to know each other a little better, and of course, take some selfies! 😉 Then we got ready for the welcome party!

We walked into a room with 60 other girls wearing crowns haha! We got our new sashes based on our province, and after listening to instructions, we walked into a room where our sponsors for the pageant were waiting for us!

Beautiful Canadian ladies!I spent the entire night meeting the sponsors and chatting with them, talking a lot of photos, and introducing myself to the other contestants. Everyone was so nice, and each contestant was unique; I loved learning about their hometowns and hobbies, finding out what we had in common and what was so different! I’m trying my hardest to remember everyone’s name!

Crowns! Crowns everywhere!

Thank you to all our sponsors:

  • Golden Glam Goddesses: I learned all about their tanning services, learning the difference between espresso, cappuccino, and latte 😉 They have so many products from self-tanning lotion to lightening scrub, and offer amazing services of full body tanning and even eyelash extensions! The best part: all of the products are imported from Italy, so you are guaranteed quality products!They’re giving all the contestants a little gift, and the winner will get an entire package of self-tanning products! Check them out on Facebook!
  • Wright Spa: First off, thank you for the amazing complementary massage; I had tingles running down my spine! It was definitely needed! Also, thank you for the $20 discount off of spa services! I’ll definitely be getting a group of my girlfriends together for a spa day! Wright Spa Mobile Services is a unique traveling day beauty spa, specializing in corporate and private spa parties, perfect for a day of relaxation!
  • Motives Cosmetics: I loved speaking to the representatives about their products, and even got to find out my true foundation shade! Motives has so many products ranging from foundation to nail polish to skin care products! Thank you for giving us complementary nail polish- I love my cute peach colour!
  • Pizzaville: After a long day of preparing, all the contestants were so hungry! We were so happy to see pizza, water, and other snacks for us provided by Pizzaville! I had 4 slices of cheese pizza! I couldn’t help myself- it was so delicious!
  • Hi-Tec Footwear: I definitely had a blast here! Thank you for providing all the contestants with the most comfortable and lightweight sandals ever! I can’t wait to wear them! We even got to dance to music in front of a camera for a video they’re making! It was so much fun to let loose! Hi-Tec offers casual, active, and even hiking footwear! All inspired by you!

At the end of the night, Jill Martin, Miss Teenage Canada 2013, cut a welcome cake for us and that was that! I had a great time yesterday- and this is only the beginning! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this upcoming Week!

Xoxo, Odeta

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