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I didn’t get a chance to blog recently, as a result of intensive preparation for Taekwondo Canada Nationals that had just finished, as well as going a year ahead in school can be overwhelming. I had so many projects to finish from grade 11 and 12, and work to prepare for Advance Placement exams and SAT Tests in May.

Taekwondo Canada Nationals finished alright this year, I wasn’t as happy as last year with my results. My junior female poomsae team won a bronze and with my brother’s ACL injury we didn’t place in pairs. However, I’m so proud of my brother for his perseverance with his injury, surgery, and for his results with all the pressure. As well, I was able to contact and meet with the president of the  Para-Taekwondo Canada comity, even though it was quite short. I have tried to work things out and initiated organizing events, however, seeing that they are not financially ready to take on such a huge project and have lack of participation and interest, I was not really a lot of help. Nevertheless, I am continuously trying to promote my platform and help many of these children that are discouraged and not given an opportunity to participate in many of these sports.

Canada Nationals in Calgary, Medal Ceremony.

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