Day 1: "Would you like to try a sample?"

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Green Living 2014 Show in Toronto, held at the Direct Energy Centre. The Green Living Show is for everyone who is curious and committed to lightening their environmental footprint. People who attended went away with products, tips and inspiration to help save the planet, save money and feel good! With everything from fashion & beauty, to yoga & fitness, to organic food & living, there was something for everybody!

For both Saturday and Sunday, I was working very closely with my sponsor Mike & Mike’s at an exhibitor booth, in which we were promoting and sampling off their brand of organic snacks, called Organic Select. Organic Select’s mission is to provide a healthy alternative to snacking, and in order to achieve this, they provide a diverse and vast array of healthy, nutrient-dense, organic snacks, which include nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and trail mix. As I was inviting people to come by and have a sample, I was nibbling on the snacks myself, and they were DELICIOUS. There were various kinds; from Tropical Coconut Mix and Maple-covered Almonds, to Gogi Sport Mix and Banana Chips, everything was super yummy, super filling, and super healthy!

Day 2: Tropical Coconut Mix and Gogi Sport Mix- yum!

I love working with Mike & Mike’s, because they stand for everything I believe in- living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right. It feels nice to support a company who values the same morals as I do. Not only does Mike & Mike’s advocate healthy living, but they advocate environmental sustainability. They practice responsible environmental policies in the facility,  such as sorting all materials and appropriately recycling and disposing them. I’ve learned a lot about their company over the last month.

In addition to selling 100% organic produce, meaning no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides used, they are a 100% Canadian family owned and operated company. Another fact that I was very impressed by is that instead of letting food go to waste and throwing it out, they compost any perished food, and deliver their ‘less than perfect food’ to Second Harvest weekly. Second Harvest is a food rescue and redistribution charitable organization that strives to decrease hunger in Toronto. Throwing out and wasting food has always been a huge pet peeve of mine, so it’s amazing that Mike & Mike’s does their best to stay away from that.

The show was a wonderful experience! I had the chance to interact with my community, and promote my title as Miss Teenage GTA 2014 (I have to say, my crown did capture a lot of people’s attention haha!). Many people came up to me and started a conversation, about me, my title, and the upcoming Miss Teenage Canada pageant! Everyone was so polite and friendly, congratulating me and wishing me luck in July; it really made me smile to have so much support. A man with a camera who was filming for a show called One, which is revolved around yoga and organic products, found me very interesting, so he filmed me as I was advertising Organic Select. I’ll be appearing in a segment of that show, which will be called “Organic Panic!” So cool! Once in a while, little girls would see me and run up to their parents asking, “is she a princess?!” It was the cutest thing ever! I even started a conversation with one little girl, who was so happy to talk to a ‘princess!’ Getting called a princess (and even a queen at times) was very flattering!

A mountain of pamphlets and flyers!

Not only did I get to interact with my community, but I also gained a lot of knowledge on other organic products that were offered at the show! I tried various samples, from yogurt and granola, to outdoor-grown wheatgrass juice. I also took many pamphlets and flyers for more information of the manufactures and distributors, and even went home with a few products, including sprouted bread, fermented tea, vegan meat alternatives, and of course, Organic Select products. The best part- all of these products are 100% organic! As I have a passion and interest in healthy livin, and organic products, it was great expanding my knowledge on the products that are available! I’ll definitely be incorporating more organic foods into my life.  

Loreta, me, and her daughter stopping for a pose in front of our booth!

I’d like to thank my sponsor Mike & Mike’s for giving me this amazing opportunity, and also to Loreta, Mike & Mike’s Merchandising Specialist, for being by my side the whole way! I had a great time helping out at the show and came home with a lot more knowledge on organic products. I hope everyone makes a conscious effort to include more organic products into their life. It’s better for the environment and better for you!

Xoxo, Odeta

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