This past March Break, I had the privilege of traveling to Europe with my school! 😀 Along with 45 other students and 6 teachers, I traveled to London, England, Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain. This was the most amazing experience of my life!

After planning this trip for a year, on March 4th, we took boarded Air Canada, and after a 7 hour flight over the Atlantic, we landed in England! I automatically started talking in my British accent 😉 I’ve been wanting to visit England for as long as I can remember so obviously, I was freaking out! Our school went with EF Tours, and everything was planned in detail ahead of time to make sure we experienced as much as we could!

Me in front of the Big Ben in one of the infamous red telephone booths!

Showing off my outfit in front of the Buckingham Palace!

Our tour guide Michelle took us to all the most popular tourist attractions, but gave us a lot of free time to explore on our own! As jet lagged as we were, we explored every inch of London! We saw everything from the London Eye, to the Big Ben, to the Buckingham Palace.

London is gorgeous! I love how modern everything is, but still has that European flare. Not to mention everyone dresses so nicely there! All I saw were suits and trench coats; everyone looked so rich and successful! I tried my best to live up to the European fashion standard while I was there 😉 I’ve made it my goal to live in England for a couple of years in the future because I loved it so much! After two days of being on my feet for 12 hours a day sightseeing, and spending all the pounds (£) I brought, we boarded the EuroStar en route to Paris!

In front of Le Louvre!

Ah Paris…what can I say? So much culture and history. We spent three days in Paris, and did a lot more sightseeing, because there were so many attractions to see! From Le Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe to the Palace of Versailles, every view was breathtaking! Not only did I get to see all these attractions, but I learned so much about the history of the city, dating back to the times of the French Revolution! It was an extremely educational experience. 

When we visited the Eiffel Tower, I was smiling uncontrollably. I think I took a picture of it from every angle possible. Très belle!

My favourite picture of my friends and I in front of the Eiffel Tower

Beautiful Paris!

On the last night, we traveled up to the roof of the highest skyscraper in the city, and the view made me cry…literally. I thought to myself “wow, I’m actually here. It’s been a dream of mine to visit Paris forever and I’m really here.” I’ll never forget that moment.

Je t’aime Paris! This city truly has the key to my heart! After three days of unforgettable moments with my friends and classmates, stuffing our faces with croissants and baguettes while practicing our French as we explored the city, we took a six hour train ride to our last city- Barcelona!

At Park Güell in Barcelona!

Barcelona was the perfect city to end off our trip. “Lively” is the best word to describe it! We visited La Sagrada Famíllia and Park Güell, and even went down by the ocean! Then the rest of the time was spent in the shopping central! This included Las Ramblas! We had hours of free time to shop! Needless to say, I spent a lot of Euros (€) here, on souvenirs and food! I enjoyed coffee drinks and churros at what is now my favourite café, Farggi! I also had a Spanish specialty for lunch one day down by the ocean- paella! Delicious! Near Las Ramblas, there were many vendors on the streets, as well as two huge shopping malls we visited. My favourite store was called Stradivarius; so cute!

Making orange sorbet using liquid nitrogen!

On our last day, we spent the morning at Espai Boisa, and cooked! (What we did was called molecular gastronomy!) Then we participated in a scavenger hunt around the city called The Game that allowed us to see Barcelona and learn its history in a creative way! I will never forget the amount of running we did…it was hilarious! MY TEAM WON! Overall, Barcelona was incredible (and had the best food)!

GO YELLOW TEAM! The Game 2014 Winners!

10 days passed too quickly, and I miss Europe already 🙁 But I will never forget March Break 2014. I’m so glad I got to experience Europe with all my friends. We became so much closer, and now carry inside jokes about the trip that we mention every day. Even though we were exhausted every day, had to be stuffed on the tube/métro (the subway), and…nope, those are the only downsides I can think of. Europe, you were wonderful to me. I hope to see you soon.

The Europe 2014 Crew! <3

Stay tuned for my next adventures! Who knows where I’ll go next!



PS. I really like fish & chips, croissants, and paella.


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