I never in my life considered entering a beauty pageant, let alone participate in one. I never considered myself a “beauty diva”, “princess”, and all those other stereotypical labels that are associated with beauty pageant girls. Throughout my life I was always more involved in sports and dance; that I completely disregarded pageants, dressing up, high heels, and the whole shebang. I was more free-spirited and never until the pageant wore makeup (except for dance shows and competitions). 

Many of you might ask how I entered the pageant? 

To tell you the truth, I was completely taken by surprise when I came home one day after school and my brother and mom announced that they had entered me into a Miss Teenage beauty pageant. I thought they were joking. But it turned out that in two days I had a phone interview. Before I knew it, I was scavenging the whole city for a pageant dress. 

However, I discovered that beauty pageants as these are not what many people think, and there are so many benefits and opportunities. I discovered that the pageant journey is an opportunity to help you become your best self- emotionally and physically. Every contestant benefits from opportunity to better themselves and develop self confidence. As well, it is an opportunity to represent your region, give something back to your community, and fight for what you believe and those who you admire. As a result, with my constant involvement in sports and volunteering with children, I have seen many who suffer and who don’t have the same opportunity as me, a stable, loving, and supportive family. So, I saw a perfect opportunity to do something meaningful in my community and with my title Miss Teenage GTA 2017.

Sincerely Yours,

Miss Teen GTA – Yanna 🙂


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Written by: Yanna
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