We’ve been so busy these last 2 days that I haven’t even had a chance to blog!

On Tuesday, we woke up bright and early again because we were appearing on Global News! It was so fun being on television again 🙂 Click here to see our local segment! After our local segment, we went on air again nationally! How amazing is it that people all over Canada saw us on TV?!

After our interview, we went to the most visited tourist attraction in Toronto- the CN Tower! Thank you so much to Hi-Tec Footwear for sponsoring us and providing us with comfy shoes to wear at the CN Tower; it was a much needed break from our high heels! I kept the shoes on the whole day haha! The CN Tower was amazing as usual, but I wasn’t as starstruck as some other girls because I live in Ontario, so I’ve been up it many times 😉

Ontario ladies!

We love PINK! A PINK worker kindly took a photo with us!

After a well-deserved break in our hotel room, we were out and about again- this time to the Eaton Centre (Can I get a YAY for more shopping?)! Just like at Yorkdale Mall, we got many looks from people, and many people wanting to take photos with us. I’m getting really used to being a celebrity. Thank you to the Eaton Centre (my absolute favorite mall) for giving us $10 for us to buy dinner in the food court (which has 1 billion options by the way). I loved my Greek food from Jimmy The Greek! 😀

To end the night, we finished with rehearsals! We practiced our walking, both for swimwear and evening gown, for almost the entire night! My feet didn’t hurt too much because I stayed in my Hi-Tecs 😉

Today was one of the best days I’ve had to far. To start off, we had a later wake-up time so I got a full 8 hours of sleep! 😀 We went back to High Park and ate some yummy breakfast and I bought myself coffee, so I was energetic for the entire morning!

Then….rehearsals! Jillian helped us with our walks before Shawn came to finish the opening dance number with us. She did a fun activity with us: she told us to walk like a 5 year old who wants to be a model! It was so much fun; I really strutted my stuff (I embraced m inner 5 year old). This was to loosen us up and get us to show some personality in our walk. I practiced my walks so much; I think I almost perfected them for preliminaries tomorrow!

Me with our hero, the Red Knight

Tonight was the best night. We all went to Medieval Times, cheering on the Red Knight (who ended up winning!). What a perfect place for us- kings, knights, princesses, and pageant queens! Great food, amazing show and….I lost my voice! Haha, that’s hw much I was cheering for our Knight 😉 We really had an amazing time. When we got on the bus, we were so energetic so we blasted some music, sang out hearts out and fist pumped! Hopefully my voice comes back before Saturday!

See you soon!

xoxo, Odeta


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