Hey Guys!

So Thursday of the competition was so busy, you can’t believe it.


In the morning of Thursday we went to the Clarington Family Outdoor Adventure Park, which was so amazing and we got to see so many animals, even baby lion cubs that are so adorable. The adventure park is an ecological zoo that has a lot to offer, as an outdoor summer camp, walkabouts, 21′ inflatable double slide, and more. There are many animals that we saw, but most prominently are the baby goats. I forgot to take a picture of the baby goats, but have it on other girls’ phone which I will be able to upload later to this blog.

With my new friend the ARIES

These two lions never moved

Friends together in the sun!!!

A beautiful day for a picture!

Baby Lion Cub

Wolves, one of my favorite animals.


After the visit to the zoo, the chaperons took us to a beach near by, were we had so much fun trying on different types of swim suits that we could win by having the most likes on our Instagram page. As well, we were able to meet the representative from Snappy Towels, who was also giving away 5 towels to the best casual beach advertisement shot. Besides everything, we had a very cute beach picnic for lunch and I had so much fun playing volleyball with my friends and climbing rocks by the beach.


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