O Canada!

Most people base Canada off of its stereotypical classifications. When people think of Canada they believe it is simply a mixture of:

Maple syrup. Hockey. Bacon. “Eh”. Polite citizens

But here’s the inside scoop. While we all love those 5 things, there is so much more to Canada. Most countries around the world have a set identity. They’re American, Chinese, or African. However, a citizen of Canada cannot be defined by a single word. Being a Canadian means to be yourself (I know, I know, it sounds cliché). With other countries people tend to blend into society, following the status quo. The greatest beauty of Canada is its diversity. People aren’t ingredients in a melting pot, but rather shine as individuals in our mosaic.

Not only can you be yourself, but also you are accepted no matter who you are. On July 20th, 2005 Bill C-38 was passed. This legally allowed same sex couples the right of marriage. Canada was one of the few countries that passed gay marriage very early on. USA only recently passed gay marriage on June 26, 2015. Finland and Luxembourg passed same sex marriage in 2014. This is almost 10 years after Canada legalized it. Thus proving that Canada accepts people for who they are. Canadians know that love doesn’t depend on age, sex, race, but rather the desire of the heart.

So proud of our beautiful country 🍁

So proud of our beautiful country 🍁

The Underground Railroad is one of Canada’s most historical moments. The freeing of almost 30 000 African slaves led Canada closer to its diversity label. During the 1850s-1860s, Canada was seen as the safe-haven for slaves. Many tried to flee to get the chance of an independent life. This once again proves that Canada will accept you for who you are.

Another benefit of Canada is free health care. Need I say more? Our country’s dedication to keeping our citizen healthy and well is prominently shown in Canada. By allowing free health care, no one is denied their right of wellness. Without free health care I may have not been able to get my cochlear implants. Not having the implants means I wouldn’t be able to hear or speak.

Thank you free health care!

Thank you free health care!

North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada. Yes, that’s right, that is a mailing address. Canada is the home of Santa Claus. *drops the mic and walks away*


Canada is ranked 24th out of 178 countries for our eco-friendliness. We accept people of all race, sex, age, and orientation. We are the home to polar bears, Santa Claus, bacon, (the best) maple syrup, hockey, and polite people. However, we are much more than that. It’s hard to describe an exquisite country such as Canada. For years people have been trying to find words that perfectly demonstrate the Canadian identity. But the truth is,

Canada’s identity is made up of the people living there.Canada Flag Heart Glossy Button

O Canada!  Wait! I almost forgot the most important thing. Ryan Gosling is from Canada!!

Ok, now I am done.

Love always,

-Neha ❤

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