Hey everyone! So in this post I will talk a little bit about myself and where I come from.

To start, I was born in Canada’s largest city Toronto, to parents that have fled Yugoslavia during difficult times and found this wonderful country we all call home. I am so great full and proud of my parents for there extremely hard work to give me so many opportunities, a safe, and a loving home for both my brother and me. From the age of three I have been pursuing three of my greatest passions, taekwondo, skiing, and dance that have taught me many things in life and gave me an opportunity to work with children. I have always been a devoted to taekwondo, and recently started to compete, where I won 1st (junior female team) and 4th (junior pair) place in Montreal at Canada Open in 2016, as well as I came 1st (junior female team) and 2nd (junior pair) place in Calgary at Canada Nationals in 2016. Thus, I qualified to be part of Team Canada for the 10th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships in Peru where in my division I won 12th place in the world.

1st place (junior female team) at Canada Open in Montreal, 2016.

1st place (junior female team) at Canada Nationals in Calgary, 2016.

2nd place (junior pair) at Canada Nationals in Calgary, 2016.

Top left – Medals from Canada Open
Top right – Medals from Canada Nationals
Bottom – memories from World Championships





























A little off the topic, but I would like to add that Peru was an amazing experience from the food to the culture, it was truly magical. After the competition when I went to Machu Picchu and stood on the ancient ruins of the Inca civilization, thousands of feet above sea level it was so uplifting and incredible that among everything I felt so free. As well, during the competition I met so many great people and national teams that I will always cherish those memories with them and the one’s in the life opportunity to compete at such a high level (equal to the Olympics) for my country Canada. GO CANADA!!!

At the top of the world…Standing on the old ruins of the Inca civilization at Machu Picchu

Team Canada (me in second line slightly off center)

Team Russia

Team Ukraine

Team Peru

Team Serbia

I am also a Level 1 CSIA ski instructor and an academically driven Honors student, who has received the highest qualifying scores on the SAT for John Hopkins CTY in Canada. Fluent in English and Serbian, I aspire to fortify my knowledge in French and Spanish. Though, I ardently believe in gender equality, I have dedicated to dedicate my platform to all children across Canada and the world.

Throughout my life I have regularly been volunteering and working with children of all ages and involved in athletics, that I wish to combine these two strong passions. By seeing many children of the 21st century suffer so profoundly as a result of various treacheries, through my title I aims to advocate for these children and to incorporate those who are disabled into sports. I believe that children are the future and our only hope for change and peace in this world. One day when I achieve my personal goal to become a doctor, I wish to travel the world and help these children as best as I can, since they deserve more than we have all given them.

I hoped you enjoyed reading a little about me.

Sincerely Yours,

Miss Teen GTA – Yanna 😊

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