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The 2017 Miss Teenage Canada competition is already on its way. It has been a crazy two days, filled with rehearsals, photo shoots, videos, interviews, and a lot of fun. I was supposed to write this blog post write after the sponsor party, but to tell you the truth being at this pageant is hectic and so many things go one at the same time.

The sponsor party was truly a blast. I was able to catch up with my beautiful ladies from Ontario. So happy to see all of them again!!! But also it was fun to meet all the other girls from across the country and I also finally meet my great roommate, Rhianna French. It was really cool to finally meet all the girls in person, I have seen most of them on Facebook and Instagram, but it is completely different when you actually find out who they are. At least if nothing happens during this pageant, I can say I met some great girls from across Canada.

Having fun with friends from the pageant!

So many new faces!

At the start of the Sponsor Party, while all the girls were still getting settled and arriving we were introduced to Miss World Toronto 2017, who had also participated in Miss Teenage Canada. We were further introduced to Samantha Pierre (Miss Teenage Canada 2016) and most importantly our coordinator Michelle Weswaldi who has organized this pageant, as well as Miss World Canada and Top Model Search. Overall, the information we received from all these people was so helpful and valuable for not only pageants but everything in life. After the opening, each of us got a new sash with only our province on it, which is so cool!!!!

So, about the sponsors. Well there were quite a few sponsors this year for Miss Teenage Canada. They are listed here below:

Golden Glamour Goddesses

Golden Glamour Goddesses Representative with Products

My first stop was Golden Glamour Goddesses, it sponsored all the girls by giving us all organic and homemade body butter lotion and soap, which helps us moisturize our skin. Golden Glamour Goddesses also gave us a huge discount for body spray tans for anyone that bought them on the spot. However, recently coming from vacation I already got darker and did not need a spray tan, but it was a supper good deal. As well, I realized that their whole business and all the soaps were made by the representative and her daughter, which is truly fascinating and amazing.

Love the Uptothetime watch

Uptothetime Necklaces

Uptothetime Watches

We were given the choice to model with some fabulous watches form the sponsor, Uptothetime. They also gave each girl a little present with their newest line of necklaces, which are so pretty. As well, to the winner of Miss Teenage Canada will get a designer watch from Uptothetime. The watches were truly stunning and the two representatives were really kind and interesting.

Nine West Sponsored Shoes

Nine West is our largest sponsor I believe, they have provided all the girls at the pageant with shoes for the swimwear competition and opening dances. As well, tomorrow Nine West has invited all of us from Miss Teenage Canada to come to their store in Yorkdale Mall for a specially surprise. I can’t wait and I’m so excited!!!

Archer Dental

For whiter smiles at the pageant, we are thankful to have Archer Dental come and visit us. He gave each girl a little package with products to keep your teeth clean and healthy, while enjoying ourselves at the pageant.

Super AdorbsThere was also the sponsor that had the cutes little gifts from us to choose from, Super Adorbs. From the sponsor, I got small stud Mickey Mouse earrings that are so cute!!! Although they did not have anything supper fancy on their table, their products I like the most because they were very creative.

Among all the chaos I missed my chance to meet with the Lily from Street Chic Magazine, which we all wrote an article about (you can find mine in the previous blog post).

Finally, among everything that had happened at the sponsor party, I was able to meet the reigning Miss Teenage Canada 2016, Samantha Pier, who is really nice and helpful. Overall all the sponsor party was a great success, and I would like to thank all the volunteers, representatives, and sponsor for their time and amazing gifts.

At the end everything ended with cake. SO AWESOME!!!!

Miss Teenage Canada 2016, cutting the cake. (Photo by Darren Lee)

I hoped you liked reading this one!!!!

Sincerely Yours,

Miss Teenage GTA – Yanna 🙂

Written by: Yanna

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