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So this blog post is about our second blog challenge. We were supposed to interview Torontonians on the street and ask them about fashion, find out some of their personal styles, and what they think about todays fashion.

I really enjoyed this blog challenge, and found it really rewarding and fun. I was able to scavenger through Queen Street, one of the best fashion districts in Toronto and look for unique styles and individuals that were willing to express their thoughts and feeling about today’s fashion. From the many individuals I interviewed I couldn’t quite decide who to include and who to not include in the article, since each individual possessed a distinct style that was related to their biography.

Last weekend I spent all day looking for people that would be great for this article, but the good thing is that it was a really nice day and since I love going to Queen Street it was a really nice treat. If you yourself someday take a walking down Queen Street pay attention to how people are dressed, there are all sorts of styles, from the elegant to hipster locks that truly reflect the diversity of the street.

So, to not make this blog post to long I will just include my introduction to the article I had written from Street Chic Magazine and one of the people I interviewed who is not in the article but nonetheless shows us what fashion truly is.


Fashion comes and goes, as all things in life. One style of clothing, hair, or even behavior fades away and is replaced with another, however, what I see is eternal is our personal styles that defines and creates each of us unique. One’s said by Coco Chanel,

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

With these ideas in mind, I was constantly contemplating what street in Toronto truly expresses both diversity and chic, but also allows each individual to be free in their style and choices without social strains – Queen Street. Form all of the other fashion districts in Toronto, I felt that Queen Street is one of those chic streets, where you can literary find anything you are looking for. It has been part of the Toronto Fashion District, as a result of the large garment industry in the area, where numerous textiles, fabric factories, and warehouses were close to many rail lines making it easy to ship the garments throughout various cities. Although there are still numerous garment warehouses and clothing outlets on Queen Street, today it has been refurbished into a street full of musicians, artists, small galleries, condos, lofts, and murals. It is also one of those streets that has both old Victorian and new glass buildings, that inspire magic and creativity.

Here is the link to the Street Chic Article:

Casual Fashion on Queen Street in Toronto

I hope you guys will like the article.

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